Custom Crane Fabrication by D&S Hoist and Crane

Custom Crane Fabrication

Custom Crane Fabrication

Custom projects and crane fabrication services from the industry's best experts.

At D&S Hoist and Crane, our years of experience mean we have worked with companies in practically every industry. We are expert fabricators of new cranes and below-the-hook lifting devices for jobs of every size and type. Each device manufactured by D&S Hoist and Crane is designed in accordance with ASME standards and is tested onsite.

Email us today or call 1-866-326-0106 to learn how we can supply a lifting hook or below-the-hook lifting device for any application.

Custom fabricated cranes for businesses of any size.

With 15-plus years in the business, we've fabricated new cranes of all types and sizes. From 1-ton capacity jib cranes to 100-ton capacity bridge cranes, we've done it all. Our custom fabrications can be found in the factories and warehouses of a wide array of industries such as nuclear, aerospace, steel manufacturing, automotive, mining facilities, distribution centers and many more.

We can design a new crane or retrofit an existing or used crane.

Our engineers will consult with you and tailor the type, capacity, speed and lift of the crane to match the specific needs of your application. Modifications to existing cranes can include reinforcements for higher capacities, lengthening or shortening of girder lengths and adapting for work in extreme temperatures

Custom fabricated below-the-hook devices and fork truck accessories.

Our below-the-hook lifting devices and fork truck accessories can be custom fabricated to apply to the specific demands of your industry. Whether it's slight modifications or complete overhauls, we can transform standard "out-of-the-box" devices into custom-built equipment optimized for maximum efficiency.

Any device you need, designed and fabricated in-house.

In addition, our custom CAD service and skilled technicians can create a completely new device to meet whatever your application requires.

We are your partner for every part of your crane and lifting operations. Contact D&S Hoist and Crane today or call 1-866-326-0106 now to learn more about what we can do for your business.

 Custom Fab - Westinghouse Nuclear Crane

Custom Fabricated Nuclear Crane

Custom Fab - Man Basket

Custom Fabricated Man Basket

Custom Fab - Vacuum Lifter

Custom Fabricated Vacuum Lifter

Custom Fab - Miller Crane

Custom Fabricated Bridge Crane